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Flag Football Registration FAQ

Flag Football FAQ

1. How do I know what league to register my child for?

MAA Flag Football sets the age restriction for each division by the age the player is on August 1, 2014.  This is the second year of being an age based league.  Players that were able to play "down" in order to stay with their 2012 flag team would be allowed to do so again this year.  New players, or players wishing to change teams would follow the age based guidelines.

The minimum age for participation in flag football is 5 by August 1, 2014.

Registration begins April 1, and registrations received after July 9 will have a late fee of $25.

2. Can my child play up a division?
Per MAA Flag Football league rules, a player has the option to play up one age group  at the discretion of the player's family.  Players are not allowed to play down, unless they fall under the grandfathered situation addressed in question 1.

3. Do I need to turn in a birth certificate to MAA?
Flag Football players are not required to submit a birth certificate as part of registration. MAA does, however, reserve the right to verify a player's current age by requesting a birth certificate.

4. What is the length of the Flag Football Season?
The anticipated length of the Season is approximately 10 weeks. This will vary based on the division, and of course, weather.

5. When does the season start?
The 2014 Flag Football regular season will start on Labor Day Weekend, 2014.

6. When will my child's games be and how many will there be?
Simply put, each division is different. Do to certain field capacity restrictions (number of games per day) this question is not easily answered until after all teams are formed.

7. Can I make a special request for my child? (Particular coach, friends, etc)
Yes! When you are registering your child there is a space reserved for special requests. MAA Flag Football will attempt to fulfill all requests, however, there are instance where some requests cannot be honored.

8. What will I need to supply my child?
MAA Flag Football supplies each player with a uniform shirt and 1 mouthpiece. In addition coaches are provided with an equipment bag with footballs and flags for practice.
Additional uniform items and protective/playing equipment need to be supplied either by the player's family.

9. If I am a coach, can I put a team roster together to submit?
MAA football supplies a roster form on our website. Please click HERE to access this form. Please complete this form with your player's names and submit it to the MAA office.

10. When, where and how often is practice?    Practice times and locations vary by team and are at the discretion of the coach.

Registration Rates

League Games Playoffs Rate Practices Begin
5U Flag 7 No $80 August 5
6U Flag 7 No $85 August 5
7U Flag 8-10 (Includes Preseason) Yes $110 August 5
8U Flag 8-10 (Includes Preseason Game) Yes $115 August 5

The Registration "2014 Fall Sports Registration- Football/Cheer/Fall Softball" is not currently available.